Insudin Capsule – 10 x 10’s

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Insudin Capsule

  • Non-Stop Hypoglycaemic
  • To control blood glucose
  • To promote general health in diabetics.
  • Helps in preventing long term complications of diabetes.
  • Sugar in blood always controlled and kept low
  • Utilisation of excess peripheral sugars
  •  Improves Glucose Tolerance Barrier
  • Nutritional Support in-built by Nature
  • The drug has blood sugar lowering effect in diabetic human beings
  • Improves Peripheral utilisation of sugar
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Insudin Capsule 10 x 10's | JH Pharmex
This item: Insudin Capsule - 10 x 10's


Insudin Capsule

Ayurveda Treatment For Diabetes – Insudin

The Organic Anti-Diabetes

How INSUDIN helps in diabetes?

INSUDIN the ultimate choice for diabetes is a combination of herbs useful in maintaining blood glucose levels. There is no a side effect or allergies to INSUDIN.

Poor management of diabetes leads to so much of short term and long term complications like peripheral neuritis, Diabetic retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy and so on. The trials and hardships a diabetic faces in his life is pathetic. To counter all the trials of diabetics INSUDIN is the light in darkness.

INSUDIN is formulated with safe herbs to control glucose levels, regenerate pancreatic cells and also to avoid the complications of diabetes. 

Role Of Ingredients:

  • Amukkira (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogen that counters many of the complications of diabetes. Sitoindosides VII-X and Withaferin A in Withania somnifera show potent antioxidant activity.
  • The triterpinoids in Kova (Cephalandra indica) shows hypoglycemic activity and possibly regeneration of Beta cells of pancreas.
  • The name Chakkarakolli (Gymnema sylvestre) itself indicates that it is against sugar. Gymenmic acids in Gymnema sylvestre are responsible for a steady reduction in blood glucose unlike other conventional therapies which causes a sudden fall. It is also helpful in the regeneration of pancreatic beta cells and helps to avoid conventional medicines.
  • Silajit an adaptogen that reverses the defective electron chain transport reactions. It decreases the increased turnover of Superoxide anions. In total it decreases lipid Peroxidation and reduces the complications of diabetes and vitalizes the body and gives back vim and vigor.
  • Uluva (Trigonella foenum-graecum) is rich in soluble dietary fiber (SDF) which decreases intestinal disaccharidase and glucose absorption at the same time increase the gastrointestinal motility. It helps in enhancement of peripheral insulin action and controls lipids.
  • Naval (Eugenia jambolana) shows hypoglycemic activity.
  • Vilvam (Aegle marmelos) shows protective effect on pancreas, controls blood glucose.

Additional information

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1 – 2 capsules twice or thrice daily based on blood glucose levels.

Amukkiram Withania somnifera 70 mg
Kova Cephalandra indica 70 mg
Chakkarakolli Gymnema sylvestre 60 mg
Silajit Calx of Asphalt 20 mg
Uluva Trigonella foenum-graecum 60 mg
Naval Eugenia jambolana 60 mg
Vilvam Aegle marmelos 60 mg

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