Live Well Mecomin 500mcg Capsule – 90’s


Live Well Mecomin 500mcg Capsule – 90’s


Live Well Mecomin 500mcg Capsule – 90’s

Mecobalamin protects against neurological (nerve) disease and has the ability to regenerate damaged nerves in people (especially diabetics) with peripheral nerve damage. 

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Live Well Mecomin 500mcg Capsule 


Active ingredients:

Mecobalamin(the neurologically-active form of vitamin B12 vital to the peripheral nervous system)

Live-well MECOMIN is orally active and thus need not be converted from the inactive form, cyanobalamin to its active form, mecobalamin. 

Suitable for Diabetics and pre-diabetics (more prone to peripheral nerve damage.

Taking Live-well MECOMIN daily helps to also protect against the degeneration process of the nervous system and promote healthy nerves.


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