Nu Prep Lelaki Tongkat Ali – 60’s

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Nu Prep Lelaki Tongkat Ali – 60’s


  • Enhances men’s health & vitality
  • Increases energy & strengthen the body
  • Overcomes fatigue
  • Improves blood circulations
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Nu Prep Lelaki Tongkat Ali - 60's | JH Pharmex
This item: Nu Prep Lelaki Tongkat Ali - 60's


Nu Prep Lelaki Tongkat Ali – 2 x 60’s

Empower your stamina and stay sharp.

Do not let your body feeling exhausted and tired. With Nu-Prep Lelaki, you will feel a whole new energy just like the old days. Not just that, it will also enhance men’s health vitality to ensure a healthier life. Definitely what you need to feel your best.

Why consume Nu-Prep

Men’s ability to produce testosterone gradually declines after the age of 30 putting them at risk of heart diseases, reduced muscle mass, type 2 diabetes, low mineral density, impaired sexual function and diminished physical performance. Regular consumption of Nu-Prep Tongkat Ali supplement can reverse testosterone deficit in an aging body. An increased level of testosterone can combat tiredness,  boost muscle, aids burning of body fat, improve mood, sleep, libido, energy, overall health that ultimately leads to a better quality of life.

Additional information

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2 capsules a day after meal

Please consult your pharmacist / doctor before taking this product