Nur Care Standard Wheelchair (ALK 809)


Nur Care Standard Wheelchair (ALK 809)

A standard wheelchair is designed to support longer trips, and to allow for self-propelled. It always designed with two large, rear-mounted wheels that the user can set in motion by hand, so if you need to be able to operate your chair without aid from a loved one or caregiver, a standard wheelchair is an ideal option. Double embossed vinyl upholstery is durable, lightweight and easy maintenance. A pair of parking brakes which can be reached by user is an added safety.

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Nur Care Standard Wheelchair (ALK 809)


Nt Weight: 17kg
Frame material: Carbon Steel (OD):2.2cm, (Thickness): 0.12cm
Frame finishing: Nano Dryplating
Frame width: 46.0cm
Seat material: Man made leather
Tire material: 8” PVC front wheel castor, 24” solid rubber rear wheel
Overall length: 106.0cm ± 1.0cm
Overall width: 65.0cm ± 1.0cm
Overall height: 87.0cm ± 1.0cm
Closed width: 23.0cm ± 1.0cm
Seat length: 40.0cm ± 1.0cm
Seat depth: 40.0cm ± 1.0cm
Seat from floor height: 49.0cm ± 1.0cm
Armrest from floor height: 77.0cm ± 1.0cm
Armrest gap: 45.0cm ± 1.0cm
Backrest height: 40.0cm ± 1.0cm

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Weight 25 kg


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