Pharmaton With Selenium 100 + 30 Capsules


Pharmaton With Selenium 100 + 30 Capsules


All in one complete Multivitamin with Standardized Korean Ginseng Extract G115, designed to improve your physical and mental capabilities and help the body cope with exhaustion and fatigue caused by stress.

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Pharmaton With Selenium 100 + 30 Capsules


All in one complete Multivitamin with Standardised Korean Ginseng Extract G115, designed to improve your physical and mental capabilities and help the body cope with exhaustion and fatigue caused by stress.

Pharmaton With Selenium active ingredients:

Standardised ginseng extract G115®
Intensive analytical-, preclinical- and clinical- research has been carried out during the last 30 years to study the quality and safety of the standardised Ginseng extract G115®. 54 preclinical studies have been published on G115® and 46 clinical studies have been published on Pharmaton® Capsules.

The standardised Ginseng extract G115® influences positively the body resistance against illness and fatigue, mainly as a consequence of an increased immune response, enhanced utilization of the energy in the body and body cells protection against free radicals damages. Several species and qualities of Ginseng exist. In Pharmaton® Capsules the standardised Panax ginseng, C.A. Meyer extract G115® is used. The manufacturing method of the standardised Ginseng extract G115® is proprietary of Pharmaton SA and grants that every batch of capsules of Pharmaton® Capsules has the same level of active principles. The pharmacological, clinical effects and the safety of the standardised Ginseng extract G115® can not be extrapolated to other Ginseng extracts or Ginseng products.

Pharmaton With Selenium 100 + 30 Capsules
The standardisation for the G115® Ginseng extract used in Pharmaton® Capsules to provide you with an identical benefits of each capsule includes:

Pharmaton® Capsules is a product that combines the benefits of the standardised Ginseng G115® with other essential ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

The secret of Ginseng:

Ginseng contains several active ingredients not found in any other plant. The most important substances with medicinal properties are called ginsenosides, referring to the name of the plant. Chemically several ginsenosides exist and are classified in different groups, all of which contain an “R” in their name. Each ginsenoside has its own special property and effect. The ginsenosides Rg1 and Rb1 are considered the most important to explain the general mode of action of Ginseng.

A healthy and vital body needs a proper supply of all essential vitamins. Pharmaton® Capsules contains a broad set of vitamins important for our body’s health. The vitamins are vital for cell growth, blood formation, proper functioning of the body system, and to assist with the prevention of illnesses.

Vitamin A (Retinol)
Properties: essential for normal growth and development of the body, especially for healthy bones and teeth, for the proper functioning of the immune system and for normal vision.

Sources: liver, milk or egg yolk.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Properties: it helps the body cells to convert carbohydrates into energy and is important for the correct functioning of the muscles and overall system.

Sources: potatoes, cereals, whole grain, lean meat, liver, fish, dried beans and peas.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Properties: important for the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, for the normal release of energy from food. It is essential for growth and helps maintain healthy skin and mucous membranes.

Sources: meat, eggs, nuts, green leafy vegetables and dairy products.
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
Properties: it plays an important role for building red blood cells, muscles and skin tissues, for normal development and function, and for growth.

Sources: meat, liver, fish, potatoes, dairy products, whole meal products, bananas and yeast.
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
Properties: important for maintaining a healthy immune system, for a normal body function.

Sources: eggs, meat, poultry, shellfish, milk and dairy products.
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Properties: it supports the immune system and it is needed for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body. It is necessary to form collagen, an important protein that forms skin, scar tissue, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones, teeth and blood vessels. Vitamin C contributes also to iron absorption from food and it has strong antioxidant properties to protect body cells.

Sources: citrus fruits, black currants, parsley, and paprika.
Vitamin D
Properties: the body converts Vitamin D from food sources or is able to produce it upon exposure of the skin to sun ultraviolet light to its active form. It is essential for building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth, because it helps the body maintain correct levels of Calcium and Phosphorus.

Sources: cheese, butter, margarine, cream, fortified milk, fish, and fortified cereals.
Vitamin E
Properties: Vitamin E is essential for proper growth and development of the muscles, proper functioning of the body and immune systems. Like Vitamin C, it is an antioxidant. This means that it protects the cells from damage by free radicals in the body.

Sources: vegetable oils, nuts, whole grains, and green vegetables.
Vitamin B3 (Niacin, Nicotinamide, Vitamin PP)
Properties: it helps to produce energy for all our body cells from the food we eat. In addition, Vitamin B3 promotes a healthy body system. It is needed for the proper function of the body system, and helps to keep the skin and mucous membranes healthy.

Sources: dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meats, nuts, and eggs.
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)
Properties: it promotes wound healing and building of tissues in the body. It also plays a role in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates for energy.

Sources: eggs, fish, milk and dairy products, whole-grain cereals, vegetables of the cabbage family.
Vitamin H (Biotin)
Properties: it is necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids (the building blocks of protein). It supports healthy bone growth, and is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails and for a healthy skin.

Sources: egg yolk, liver, bananas, milk, soy and barley.
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)
Properties: it is crucial for proper body function and for a healthy development. It aids in the production of DNA, the body’s genetic material, and is especially important during periods of growth. Folic Acid is necessary for the normal development.

Sources: beans and green vegetables such as spinach and cabbage, citrus fruits and juices, wheat bran and other whole grains, dark green leafy vegetables, poultry, pork, shellfish, and liver.
Minerals have different functions for the human body. Without these elements, the metabolism – the function that allows cells, among other things, to produce energy – simply would not work. Our food contains minerals that plants and animals assimilate from the soil. Pharmaton® Capsules contains some key minerals which can contribute to your overall healthy balance and well being.
Properties: it is present in nearly all cells of the human body and is needed to build healthy bones and teeth, as well as for a proper functioning of the body system and for the regular muscles function.

Sources: nuts, cereal grains, meat, bananas, green, and leafy vegetables.
Properties: it is essential for the development and maintenance of strong healthy bones and teeth. It also helps muscles and other body systems work properly.

Sources: milk and dairy products, including cheese.
Properties: together with Calcium, Phosphorus helps ensure that growing bones, as well as teeth, are strong and healthy. It also helps filter out waste in the body and contributes to energy production in the body by aiding in digestion.

Sources: meat, fish, milk, whole-grain bread and cereals.
Properties: Fluoride helps to protect the teeth and strengthens them.

Sources: fish, seafood, mineral water, tea and fluorided salt.
Properties: Potassium is necessary for water and electrolyte balance throughout the body and is essential for keeping a healthy body. It is moreover needed for muscle function.

Sources: potatoes, fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs and dairy products.
Trace elements
The human body does not need large amounts of those minerals called “trace elements”. They are, however, extremely important for our organism and a correct supplementation may be needed to prevent deficiency. Pharmaton® Capsules contains the following trace elements:
Properties: red blood cells need iron to help transport oxygen throughout the body and it is also important for an adequate functioning of the immune system.

Sources: meat, eggs, nuts, cereals and seeds.
Properties: Copper is a mineral found in very small amounts in all tissues in the body and it is involved as part of enzymes in many processes of the metabolism.

Sources: animal flesh (especially liver), oysters, fish, whole grains, nuts, and legumes.
Properties: it enables the body to metabolize fats and protein. It maintains the immune system and the body systems. It is important for bone growth.

Sources: whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
Properties: it plays an important role in the immune defense system. It is needed for a healthy skin and to build and maintain strong bones.

Sources: oysters, liver, meat, fish, seeds and whole grain cereals.
Properties: it is necessary for cells protection, thanks to its strong antioxidant properties. It further supports the function of the immune system.

Sources: nuts, eggs, legumes, fish and cereals.

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