UHC CoQ10 + Omega 3 – 30’s


UHC CoQ10 + Omega 3 – 30’s

Support healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
Reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in bloodstream, maintaining heart health.

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UHC CoQ10 + Omega 3 – 30’s

CoQ10 – 100 mg
Omega 3 – 1000 mg

Co Q10 is a compound or vitamin-like, fat soluble antioxidant that occurs everywhere naturally in the human body. The highest concentration have been measured in vital organs such as the heart and pancreas.

Omega 3 Fish Oil supports:
Emotional well being and the elevation of mood
Heart and artery health
Mental clarity and focus, better reflexes and healthy vision
Weight management
Joint health
Healthy menstruation
Healthy cholesterol levels
Balanced triglyceride (blood fat) levels
Normal blood pressure
Cardiovascular health
Healthy bone density in hip bones of the elderly
Healthy sleeping patterns
Bronchial health
Dry eyes
Dry skin conditions

Restores muscle energy
Improves fitness
Supports healthy blood pressure
Protects the brain
Improved endurance
Sharpens your mental clarity and focus

Adults: Take 1 softgel one to two times daily preferably with meals


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