YHMed Alternating Bubble Mattress


YHMed Alternating Bubble Mattress

QDC-303 is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage I in long-term and domiciliary therapies. The mattress in PVC is composed of 130 7cm-high bubble cells, particularly comfortable, it is fixed to the bed by extra flaps on both top and bottom side. Very easy to install, maintain and use thanks to the possibility of adjust comfort range. The pump can be hung to the end of the bed by means of two hooks.

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YHMed Alternating Bubble Mattress | JH Pharmex
This item: YHMed Alternating Bubble Mattress


★ Technical Parameters of The Mattress
1. Dimensions without flaps (L×W×H): 200×90×7cm
2. Flaps length: 50+50 cm
3. Cell height: 7 cm/2.7″
4. Mattress material: MEDICAL GRADE PVC
5. Mattress thickness: ≥0.35mm
6. PVC Cold-resistant: -30 Degrees
7. Number of cells: 130
8. Weight support: 135 kg

★Technical Parameters of The Pump
1. Electrical: AC110V/220V
2. Pressure range: 40-100mmHg
3. Air output: 6-7 liter/min
4. Cycle time: 6 min
5. Dimesions(L×W×H): 25×13×9.5cm
6. Weight: 1.5 kg

YHMED adopts the Dynamic Pressure Monitoring System to trace the real-time internal pressure of the mattress and develops a series of state-of-the-art mattress overlay and replacement system for the prevention, treatment and management pressure ulcers.

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